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Good News ....? List


Anna's Secret Mission                Sara Knapp

Cinderella Rising                       Penny Rogers

Doc's Last Trip                          Ian Inglis

Far from the Poppy Fields          Gillian Brown

Floored                                     Fiona Ritchie Walker

Fran's Birthday Party                 Veronica Robinson

Helping Angel                           Peter Collins

Hero                                        Mike Wilson

Impossible Promise                  Barrington Gordon

Janet, More Than a Friend         Lynne English

Mistaken Identity                      Liz Cox

Ms Tidy                                   Keith Willson

Once Upon a Time in America   Nick Padron

The Changing Pool                   Mark Tulin

The Day the Internet Died         Boris Glikman

The End of the Beginning         S. Nadja Zajdman

The Hymn of the Bees             Andrea Stephenson

The Liberations of Cassie Youmans Norman Thomson

The Litter                                  Jeanne Davies

The Pursuit                               Michael Noonan

The Silver Card                          Seth Pilevsky

Time to say goodbye                 Karítas Hrundar Pálsdóttir

Where the Land Ends                Clare Dean

White Elephant                         Tom Kirkbright

Evergreen List

We're pleased to announce that the following stories have been accpeted for our Evergreen collection: 

Adonis against the Odds

Dianne Stadhams

Noel's Garden

Sheena Billet

Top of the Tree

Russell Heidorn

The Green-Eyed Angel

Linda Flynn

Anecdote of the Pine Mother

Enna Horn

All her Tomorrows

Chris Simpson


Anne Wilson

Evergreen Protection

Sheelagh M.T. Mooney

Norway Spruce

James Ward

Green Spaces

Jane Spirit

Shelf Life

Clair Humphries

Two Tiny Green Frogs

Margaret Bulleyment

Until Evergreen

Georgina J Wright

Never Old - Ever Green and Good To Go

Allison Symes


Maxine Churchman

Flower Girls

Tony Oswick

Evergreen or Scheurer's Green

Jan Moran Neil

A Tear in the Cloud 

Malina Douglas


Sally Angell

Forever Green 

Jenny Palmer

In With the New?

Jo Fino

The Evergreens

Jeanne Davies

Watching Cormorants

Elizabeth Cox

As She Lay in That Green Dress from M&S

Hannah Retallick



Resolutions List

We're pleased to annoouce that we have accpeted the following stories for our Resolutions collection:

Advent Calendar

Dianne Stadhams

Alex DuBon’s Resolution

Jon Hepworth


Topher George

Conflict Resolutions Management

Tony Domaille

Fixing Champ

Helen Kreeger

Hello I’m Listening

Marion Woolley

I Resolve to Die at Sixty

Hannah Retallick


Karissa Venne

Marta’s Bread

Liz Cox 

Mary’s Resolution

Barbara Ratcliffe

Mr and Mrs Lander

Mark Kristen

Old Flowers

Holly Jane

Remin Essence

Crispin Anderlini

The Broke Man’s Resolutions 

Elliott Vodouhé

The Christmas Cards

Hazel Whitehead

The Judas Tree

Philip Stenström

The New Start

Jeanne Davies

The Prisoner

Richard T Burke

The Yellow Basket

S. Nadja Zajdman

Three’s a Crowd 

Julia Wood 

Time and Tide

Janet Haworth

Tunnelling Within

Vanessa Horn

Unseen Eyes

Linda Flynn

Waiting Out the Winter   

Amy B Moreno