Bridge House Annual Anthology

Open 6 December 2021 to 28 February 2022


The theme for the 2022 is “Evergreen”. This can of course refer to the Christmas tree.  There can clearly also be a green agenda here.  What might we do to keep our planet ever green?  Or you can go for the symbolic. Isn’t the Christmas tree a symbol of hope?


New writers, established writers and writers we've included in other anthologies are all equally welcome.  




Submissions accepted 6 December 2021 until 28 February 2022

Editors' decisions By 31May or there abouts!

Editorial 1 June until 31 August

Book design and early marketing 1 September until 14 November

Book release 15 November

Celebration event  3  December

Take a look at last year's anthology:

Resolutions Medium


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